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  • Creating and maintaining a balanced and diversified portfolio can take a lot of time and research, especially if you are new to finance and investment. Even with the time invested, there is little guarantee you will be hitting the right marks and making equitable returns all on your own.

    If you can navigate it correctly, the financial market is a turbulent but rewarding ecosystem. Looking at the array of investment options available, the ever-changing regulations and legislature that govern your finances, and the intricacies of fiscal policy, it can feel as though you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Here is why you need the right financial planners to help you navigate these testing waters. These professionals know the evolving economic landscape, regulatory requirements, and circumstances that make up individual economics. You will find this team of dedicated professionals at All Seasons Wealth.

    Services offered by financial planners differ from advisor to advisor, so you should carefully choose what type of financial planning service you want, depending on your financial situation.

    Take a scrutinizing view of your finances; Where are you in your financial journey? This scrutiny would determine the type of service you should sort for. Financial advisors may provide you with any of the following services:

    Insurance Coverage

    Your financial planner may review your current insurance policies to identify any lapses in coverage or recommend to you new types of policies like long-term care coverage or disability insurance, depending on your financial standing.

    Investment Advice

    Financial planners explore different investment options and ensure your portfolio stays within a manageable level of risk.

    Estate Planning

    Leaving a legacy is a philosophy many people can get behind, if not aspire to. Financial planners such as those at All Seasons Wealth can help you successfully transfer your wealth to the next generation, be that family, friends, or charity.

    Debt Management

    Outstanding debts like student loans, car loans, mortgages, and credit card debt can be hectic to sort through. Financial planners can work with you to help map out a plan for repayment of these loans.

    College Planning

    Higher education is a priceless but costly endeavor. If you hope to create a college fund for your kids or loved ones, a financial advisor can help craft a suitable plan to help save up for their education.

    Retirement Planning

    No matter what stage of your career you are in, be it your early career years, contemplating retirement, or already retired. Helping you build funds for long-term goals such as your retirement is a service many financial planners offer.

    At All Seasons Wealth, you will find the best financial planners use the best tools and resources at their disposal to help you learn more about the possible risk and concerns you might face in retirement.

    Budgeting Advice

    Financial planners can offer you expert advice in analyzing where your money goes as soon as it leaves your paycheck. Your financial planner can help you craft budgets to monitor your expenditure to enable you to achieve your financial goals.

    Asset Management

    Financial planners can manage your assets by helping you put together and maintain a portfolio that is balanced and diversified enough to minimize your risk of loss. Asset management is one of the many specializations of All Seasons Wealth professionals. By utilizing resources available inside and outside the firm to perform market analysis, flexibility in providing quality asset management options is made possible for both high and medium-earning clients.

     Tax Planning

    Tax planning involves helping you devise a course of action to help decrease the amount of taxes you pay to the government on your property or investment returns by taking advantage of means like tax-loss harvesting or giving large donations to charity. Be aware that tax planning is different from tax preparation, and not all financial planners are tax experts. You might probably still need the services of a Certified Public Accountant [CPA] or tax software for filing your taxes.


    How Do Financial Planners Charge for Their Service?

    Taking a look at this wide assortment of service options may throw you off. You might decide you only need one of these services or a couple of them at a go as many of these service needs often go hand in hand. Not to worry, you don’t have to go looking for an insurance advisor and an estate planner separately. On allwealth.com, you would find professional financial planners that specialize and offer these services in packages as part of their management service.

    Another thing you need to take a look at when assessing the right kind of financial planner for you is how much you can afford to pay. Many financial planners typically make their money by charging a fixed fee which could be hourly, quarterly, or a one-time fee depending on the firm and the type of portfolio you are looking to build and manage. Others make their pay purely based on commissions charged when they sell you a financial product.

    Fee-based financial planners may charge you based on the total number of assets you have under management, or they may charge you by your plan, through a retainer agreement [one-time fee], or on a subscription basis.

     Commission-based planners may seem more attractive on paper as you don’t have to pay a fee, but a portion of your investment is charged as payment. These commission-based advisors are not held to fiduciary standards meaning they are not bound by law only to make decisions in your best interests. They are only held to suitability standards, so at the end of the day, they may end up costing you more or similar to a fee-based advisor.

    The Bottom Line

    The financial services industry might be sometimes murky to navigate. You have to exercise a high degree of caution to ensure you get a suitable financial planner who meets your financial and fiduciary needs. Allwealth.com takes great pride in helping you achieve your imminent and future financial goals to enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones financially.